The home country of students, plays a very important role when planning for a destination to pursue higher education. This crucial step in life, dictates your career in the future. There are many factors which makes UK an ideal destination for education. It has excellent educational infrastructure, some of the top-notch and distinguished teaching methodologies in the world, a rich heritage and diverse culture.

A Great Place to Live and Study!

The United Kingdom (UK) is made up of countries like the England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Each country has its own distinct region, with large cosmopolitan cities, thriving towns, and countryside villages.

The UK is known for its multicultural society, encompassing a rich diversity of cultures, languages, as well as faiths.

The cuisine is varied while there is strong transport system, famous music and cultural festivals, and popular international sporting championships.

Globally Recognized and Acclaimed Universities

The higher education in UK and qualifications from the institutions here are known for their great international reputation. A degree from UK isrecognizedwell by global universities, as well as top employers and government bodies which creates a high number of placement chances for you in topmost, elite companies.

High Quality of Education

It is not an exaggeration to say that many countries across the world try to follow the UK’s education system, since the quality here is considered as the best and acclaimed one in the world. The universities in UK are inspected and assessed regularly by QAA in terms of the standards of teaching, learning levels and research to make sure that highest benchmarks are met.

Why is the Education System in UK so popular?

  • A diverse range of subjects and courses to choose from regarding one’s field of interest and the institution.
  • Shorter course duration in UK saves tuition and also accommodation costs for the students.
  • More than 50,000 courses, to choose from in more than 25 subject areas.
  • The support offered in English language and communication helps in the development of excellent language skills among students because in the global digital arena, it is the language and communication skills that increases employment chances for the students.
  • The existence of close student-teacher interaction and the advantage of combining different subjects into a single course, is a worthwhile advantage for students, who plan to give nothing but the best in their academic pursuit.
  • Unique Culture

    The cultural diversity of life in the United Kingdom is simply unparalleled, which gives you a great opportunity to experience a truly multicultural environment, where you can interact with other international students and in the meanwhile, develop a wide range of skills which are considered necessary to become successful in thecurrent global workforce.

    Work as a Student and Work Permit After Education

    The advantage is that while you study, you can also take up a part-time job, an internship or placement so that you can not only support yourself financially but also develop valuable skills that makes your CV standout. Most universities in the UK assist students by providing placement options after education. You get a work permit after completing a recognized degree from a recognized university.

    Scholarships and Financial Support

    There aremerit-based scholarship programs offered by the UK based Universities and fair funding opportunities so that the international students can also support the cost of their study and cost of living in the country. After gaining acceptance to the course of study, you can apply for this.

    Quality Research Infrastructure

    More than 30 percent of research in UK universities are classified as world-leadingand about 46% as excellent internationally, according to the Research Excellence Framework (REF). For students who share a passion for quality research in education, science and other subjects, UK is an ideal destination to pursue their career goals.

    Support System

    The UK government accords warm welcome to lakhs of international students every year with open arms. There are International student societies and interest groups which organize parties, conduct cultural events, plan interesting activities and outings which can engage you holistically, so that you don’t feel like an alien in a foreign country.

    U.K. Student visas

    Students are given valid visas for studying higher education in a UK University. The process of obtaining a visa is simpler, transparent and user-friendly for the international students after they receive an offer/CAS and prove that they have required proof of funding.