Admission Process

The United Kingdom is a hub of International education with the country allocating ample resources and investments for emerging as the education powerhouse as it has become today.

There are many historic and prestigious universities based in the UK, and the education establishment of this country has always been attracting the brightest of students from all over the world, which presents a wonderful networking opportunity for collaborating in an increasingly global marketplace.

The diverse courses which are offered by UK universities has made UK the 6th leading study destination in the world. In fact, 4 among the Top 6 Universities across the world are from the UK. There are many such reasons, which makes thousands of students making a choice to study in the United Kingdom.

In order to get the best quality advice regarding the great opportunities available for studying in the UK, students can now register with IDI Overseas. After the process of registration is completed, our counsellors will carefully guide the aspirants through a series of key stages.

IDI Overseas will leave no stone unturned towards maximizing the chances of securing an admission in the academic institutions of their choice. This is the strategy followed by IDI Overseas for the UK admissions process.

  • Registration

    You can now register with IDI overseas where you can receive the best quality advice from our counsellors, who have been trained for years, displaying outstanding expertise

  • Profiling

    Our teams carry out a clear assessment of your academic qualifications, as well as the work experience, financial status, the future career goals along with the life interests and aspirations.

  • Standardized Tests

    Our counselors and experts clearly assess the requirement of any standardized examinations or tests you would have to take or review the results which has been already obtained.

  • University/Course Selection

    We work with the candidates in shortlisting the potential universities and courses which matches the student’s profile. This is a key step during the admission process and we create the right difference for realizing your dreams of pursuing education abroad.

  • Document Editing

    We offer our expert assistance for creating and editing the essays, as well as the most important Statement of Purpose, followed by the Letters of Recommendation and Resume, that are already written by you.

  • Application Review and Submission

    We then review the completed application forms for accuracy and relevant information because we ensure that there should be no errors after all the effort that goes into your admission process. The final applications are now submitted to your select list of universities.

  • Application Review and Submission

    We carefully review the final set of application forms before the application is submitted to the final list of chosen universities.

  • Preparing for the Interview

    We offer quality advice and training for preparation (including the mock sessions) required to excel in the interviews which you might have to clear based on the chosen universities.

  • Visa Counselling

    We offer quality assistance in the preparation (including clear mock sessions) for those interviews that are scheduled with the High Commissions or Embassies, including the collation as well as the review of relevant documentation information for submitting the visa application.

  • Pre-Departure Information

    We deliver a wide range of comprehensive information regarding the country of choice, in this stage so that you can be completely prepared for the future life at the overseas university. Contact IDI Overseas today to know more information related to the UK admissions process.

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