What are the different options for accommodation available in the US?

You can choose on-campus residence facilities or look for off-campus accommodation as an Indian student. There are dormitories, sororities, and fraternities available for students from other countries in USA. You should apply for them separately and on time to be able to book a slot for yourself. You can even opt for off-campus accommodation where you will be sharing apartments with other students who have come from India or you can even be accommodated in a homestay. Your university offers help and guidance regarding off-campus accommodation as there are a list of options that is available. There are student notice boards in institutions which offers information regarding the accommodation listings located nearby.

The rental terms and budget differ from city to city.  In case you land before the date of your course commencing, you should look for any of the short-term accommodation options which are available in the US. You can try your chance at discounted/budget hotels, backpackers’ hostels, or any temporary housing offered by your university.