What to study and where should I study in USA after graduation?


Taking up a Master’s course in USA is definitely one of the best decisions in life as it not only enhances one’s technical skills but also deliver an edge for your CV over others. As a resourceful Indian student who has an undergrad degree, you can look forward to join an institution where there is more emphasis on practical knowledge, as well as hands-on experience and that makes you job-ready. In USA, the universities accord high importance on diversity, where you interact with the people of different age groups, religions and also nationalities. This creates a stimulating and also a rich learning environment fostering cross-cultural understanding and social networking. Moreover, as the American education system is based on practical learning that encourages students to be more creative, along with independent thought and debate, it’s a most sought after destination to study. In the domain of graduate programs in the US, there are two major categories - namely Master’s and Doctoral. In the US, the Master’s programs are offered in quite a few different areas and there are two major course types - academic and professional. The highest degree which is available for students completing their bachelor’s in India, in the US is doctoral degree. Students need to deliver their original piece of research work after enrolling in a doctoral degree. Doctoral students here should be able to even complete their coursework and written exams in addition to the focus on their research. Go through the important subjects you had learnt as part of your undergraduate program and then list down the ones which interests you. Narrow down the search to your preferred interest and then start searching for the possible programs and universities. The process of applying to the American universities and institutions mandates that you take certain language and/or aptitude examinations. Hence, your academic scores should also be considered while deciding what to study and where to study. Take into account the intake offered for your preferred list of courses and then you have to start preparing accordingly. Our experienced counsellors at IDI Overseas can help you in identifying and securing the right university or college where you can excel academically. Visit our IDI overseas office today for free counselling regarding how to advance your post-graduate career in USA.